Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at Zentech Canada Ltd refers to our commitment to our shared environment, the communities around us and the policy that governs us. Beyond our core business objectives of Sales Agency and Distributor, we’ve elected to take on some of the most relevant and meaningful causes in our society today like equality for women, good education for all children and sustainable development in forestry and clean energy. By doing this, it is our hope that we make a positive contribution towards our shared future.

With careful consideration and the help of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we’ve chosen to proactively work towards Net Zero Emissions within our business by 2050* as part of our intentions towards carrying out positive Climate Action. Alongside this goal, we’ve also selected the UN SDG’s governing Quality Education, Gender Equality and Affordable & Clean Energy, as areas of interest to search for meaningful alignment. We are certain that by working alongside a number of vested partners, that we will be able to contribute to purposeful change.

As a first point of business, Climate Action will be a main focus for our incoming sustainable development goals. We are looking to partner with sustainable forestry and clean energy organizations to ensure that our carbon accounting brings us to a net zero emissions by 2050*. This is our pledge to the natural environment.

As part of our endeavour to move towards a more equitable society, we are seeking to partner with local charitable organizations to further our commitment to seeing a rise in Gender Equality and equal access to Good Education. Helping to support our community in this way means that we are an active constituent of our national and global communities from the ground up.